Hypoallergenic and richly moisturizing lotion
for the skin with excessive keratin and inflammation

  • MLE similar to ingredients and structure of skin lipid helps improve skin barrier.

  • Patented ADfence-P® takes care of chronic excessive corneocytes(dead skin cells) and alleviates itchiness caused by dry skin.

  • Skin friendly mild formula allows quick absorption possible without leaving a greasy or a sticky feeling.

Main ingredients

  • MLE formula (contains ceramide-9S)
    recreates the ingredients and structure that are similar to the skin lipid and reinforces the skin barrier function.
  • ADfence-P®
    comforts the skin that has turned red because of related problems.

Safe prescription

no added : fragrances / dyes / ethanol / parabens / phenoxyethanol / PG / PEG
  • Hypoallergenic tested (testing agency: U.S. AMA)

How to use

  • Dispense the right amount several times during the day and evenly apply onto the parts that need to be moisturized, such as the face, arms, and legs.

  • Adjust the amount to use based on the skin condition and continue using it even after the skin normalizes to keep it healthy.

  • It is most effective to use a moisturizer within three minutes after taking a shower. We recommend that you use the cream on the most exposed parts, such as the face, and the lotion for application on wide areas or the entire body.