| Defensamide®

Defensamide® promotes the generation of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), an antibiotic element that exists in the body, thereby suppressing the germination of Staphylococcus inside the skin. Peptides strengthen a weakened skin defense system and, in particular, do not cause bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. As such, it can be consistently used.

Korean Patent No. 10-1077667
US Patent No. US8809390
Other international patents: Applying for patents in eight countries other than China and Japan

| Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs)

As an antibiotic element that exists inside the body, AMPs prevent bacteria, viruses, and mycetes from infecting the skin, as well as enhance the skin’s innate immunity function, thereby playing an important role in maintaining the skin’s homeostasis.

| Operating System of Defensamide®

step1:Skin with a weakened skin barrier lacks AMPs, which play an important role as an antibiotic./step2:Defensamide<sup>®</sup> contained in Zeroid promotes the synthesis of AMPs inside the skin./step3:Once the amount of AMPs inside the skin increases, the infiltration of all kinds of pathogenic bacteria from the external environment to the skin is prevented, thereby leaving the skin healthy.

| Awards

In 2011, it was awarded with a silver medal for the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award of In-Cosmetics,
the world’s largest cosmetic ingredients exposition.